Sunday, February 19, 2006

Maybe a wedding??? Not for a while though...

Yeah so last night, Friday, me and Jamie went out to eat and was having a good time. We went to eat at Caraba's (spelling cause I know that's not right) and then we decided to go to Barnes and Noble. We walked into Barnes and Noble and Jamie said those two comfy chairs are open. SO I walked over and he said I have to go to the restroom. So I saw a wedding planning book. I grabbed it and looked at it honestly thinking that I would just look at it till he got back and then I'd go get me another book. He came back and we sat and looked at that book for almost two hours. Then we talked about it all the way home and it was so much fun. I got so excited. And he told me that before we started planning the wedding that we'd need to be engaged but he had no idea about what kind of ring I wanted. So, I said well, let's go looking at rings one day. He said okay. Today, Saturday, he got off work and called me. He said all I have been thinking about today is what we were talking about last night. And I said me too. He said what do you want to do tonight. I said let's go look at rings. And that's what we did...I'm so excited!! I tried on a ton of rings. There were two that I really liked...I tried on this one... and then I saw another one in a book. BUT who knows. I told him that I'd like whatever he got me... :) I can't wait. I'm pretty sure that the date will be November 9th, 2007. OOOOOO I'm so happy!! Well, I will stop talking about it...Night everyone!

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