Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pictures of our weekend! :)

As I promised yesterday...Here are some pictures. If you want to see more you'll have to tell me! :) Enjoy

This is me riding to go eat at Zebra. I actually like this picture! :)

Both of us right after we got to Zebra and before we got out of the car.

This is us at The Capital Grill. The food was so good! And we had so much fun.

Us after eating at the Prickly Pear. A cute little mexican restaurant I've been wanting to go to.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What a weekend!!

It was so great to get away and enjoy some quality time together. This past weekend we went to Charlotte, NC (yes, about an hour from home) to spend the weekend. We ate good food and just had fun overall. This was my birthday present to Jamie (His birthday was June 12th). First we left Saturday morning around 10am. I honestly thought we would over-sleep or something but we didn't. First we went to Mooresville to return a shirt to Khol's that I got him and a pan to Bed, Bath & Beyond that was messed up. Then we went to Davidson to eat at Toast Cafe. It was so cute. It was a little crowded in the resturant but the food was good. This is one of the places that Jamie wanted to go to. Then we had time to kill so we went to Huntersville and stopped at Barnes and Noble. Crazy people that we are look at the books that we were reading and the page #'s and then went in Barnes and Noble and got the books went to the comfy chairs and read. It was very relaxing. After that we went on to Charlotte to our hotel. We stayed at the Doubletree Hotel and it was great! First we got a room that the AC was leaking water so they moved us to another room. Then that night we went and ate at Zebra. We got all dressed up (yes I wore a dress). The food was good. I had steak and Jamie had fish. Then Sunday we got up and had breakfast at the Hotel which was pretty good. We ate lunch at City Tavern which was okay. We walked around Charlotte from about 12 to 4 and it was really hot. We also rode the light rail which was pretty cool when you were going forward, not so much when you went backward. That night we at The Capital Grill. It was wonderful. First I told them we were celebrating Jamie's birthday so they had confetti on the table, we looked around and it was just on ours. I thought that was cute. We both had steaks and they were really good. Then this morning we slept in and left the hotel at 11. We went to a Fresh Market in Charlotte that was awesome! I wish we had one of those here. We stopped in Mooresville and ate at the Prickly Pear which is a Mexican Restaurant. It was good food again. We got home around 2:30 and left again at 5pm. We went to Jamie's aunt and uncle's to cook for them. We had steaks again and they were really good. Overall this weekend was just full of good food!

It won't let me upload pictures right now for some reason. I will later hopefully!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another month has...

gone by. Time flies when you're having fun! haha...Well, it's now June 13, 2008. Yesterday was Jamie's 23rd birthday. Life is great other then gas prices raising! But that's a problem for everyone and there is not much we can do about it. Jamie recently got a second job so that is helping out some. And then I'm hoping to try to get a job at Food Lion since there is one going to open right down the road. But we shall see. Not much else is going on though...We are still loving the married life. We've talked about buying a house but we aren't sure. We both think we can look but we need to focus on paying some of our bills off (my medical and his student loans). I know that God has a time and a place for everything. I just need to trust in him!

VBS is next week. So it's going to be a busy week next week. And then Jamie and I are going out of town next weekend and I'm very excited about that. We are going to be celebrating his birthday. He has no idea what I've got planned! So I guess I'll be posting some more pictures in a few weeks! :)

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. -John 14:18