Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Chubby had to climb in this box after I laid it down when I to wrap presents. This is my Christmas box...It's just tall enough to keep the wrapping paper in it and then where Chubby is I have a bag with gift bags that goes at the bottom then another bag of tissue paper that goes next and then on top I have a bag of bows. And YES I am one of those crazy people who save bows! :)

It's the first white Christmas since I was about 3 or 4. We got home around 3:30 and this is how much we already had... It started snowing around 10am and hasn't stopped yet! I'm loving it!

Jamie and I :)

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to say.....

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's that time of year again, and with excitement and high expectations, Rose has planned the perfect Christmas for her family and friends. But when she feels them drifting away during a time that should celebrate togetherness, Rose is forced to slow down in the most unexpected way. In this whimsical, uplifting story, she discovers the true meaning of giving.

My Review - I liked this story pretty good. It's not what I would usually read by any means which is another good thing about the Nook...It brings you to books you wouldn't usually read. I got this book for Free on the Nook and I read it in about five hours (on our way home from Christmas with my husband's family). I liked how Rose finally had to slow down. This was a good quick read.

Code Blue by Richard L. Mabry, MD

In the first book of the Prescription for Trouble series, “Code Blue” means more to Dr. Cathy Sewell than the cardiac emergency she has to face. It describes her mental state as she finds that coming back to her hometown hasn’t brought her the peace she so desperately needs. Instead, it’s clear that someone there wants her gone…or dead.

Cathy returns to her hometown seeking healing after a broken relationship, but discovers that among her friends and acquaintances is someone who wants her out of town…or dead. Lawyer Will Kennedy, her high school sweetheart, offers help, but does it carry a price tag? Is hospital chief of staff Dr. Marcus Bell really on her side in her fight to get hospital privileges? Is Will’s father, Pastor Matthew Kennedy, interested in advising her or just trying to get her back to the church she left years ago? When one of Cathy’s prescriptions almost kills the town banker, it sets the stage for a malpractice suit that could end her time in town, if not her career. It’s soon clear that this return home was a prescription for trouble.

My review - I was very shocked by this book. It was one of the books that was from Free Fridays at Barnes and Noble. I'd never ready an of Richard L. Mabry's books and wasn't to sure in the beginning. But the twist was SO good. I never saw the twist coming and I loved the love story that was included and also the mentions of God. It represented what Christians should be through Will's parents. I can't wait to get the second one in the series. And I will be buying it!

I got it!

So, I posted recently that I wanted to know what people thought about the Nook vs. NookColor vs. Kindle...One person responded but that's beside the point, just wanted to note here that I do like comments! haha

So I asked that and the decided I wanted a Nook. And my wonderful, loving husband gave me one for Christmas. I got it early and I'm loving it! Here is a picture that my mother-in-law took. It's me holding my Nook and the gift card from Barnes and Noble that she gave me!

Now for some book reviews! :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stories Behind The Best-Loved Song of Christmas by Ace Collins

Behind the Christmas songs we love to sing lie fascinating stories that will enrich your holiday celebration. Taking you inside the nativity of over thirty favorite songs and carols, Ace Collins introduces you to people you've never met, stories you've never heard, and meanings you'd never have imagined.

The next time you and your family sing 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,' you'll have a new understanding of its message and popular roots. You'll discover how 'Angels from the Realms of Glory,' with its sublime lyrics and profound theology, helped usher in a quiet revolution in worship. You'll learn the strange history of the haunting and powerful 'O Holy Night,' including the song's surprising place in the history of modern communications. And you'll step inside the life of Mark Lowry and find out how he came to pen the words to the contemporary classic 'Mary, Did You Know?'

Still other songs such as 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel' trace back to mysterious origins--to ninth-century monks, nameless clergy, and unknown commoners of ages past. Joining hands with such modern favorites as 'White Christmas' and 'The Christmas Song,' they are part of the legacy of inspiration, faith, tears, love, and spiritual joy that is Christmas.

From the rollicking appeal of 'Jingle Bells' to the tranquil beauty of 'Silent Night,' the great songs of Christmas contain messages of peace, hope, and truth. Each in its own way expresses a facet of God's heart and celebrates the birth of his greatest gift to the world--Jesus, the most wonderful Christmas Song of all.

My Review - I liked this book pretty good, it was my first Nook book and it was free on the Free Friday's, which is why I got it. Although I'd never heard of some of the songs, the ones I had heard of were cool to learn about. I especially liked the Mary Did You Know and how it told about who wrote it and all.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cast a Road Before Me by Brandilyn Collins

A course-changing event in one’s life can happen in minutes. Or it can form slowly, a primitive webbing splaying into fingers of discontent, a minuscule trail hardening into the sinewed spine of resentment. So it was with the mill workers as the heat-soaked days of summer marched on.

City girl Jessie, orphaned at sixteen, struggles to adjust to life with her barely known aunt and uncle in the tiny town of Bradleyville, Kentucky. Eight years later (1968), she plans on leaving—to follow in her revered mother’s footsteps of serving the homeless. But the peaceful town she’s come to love is about to be tragically shattered. Threats of a labor strike rumble through the streets, and Jessie’s new love and her uncle are swept into the maelstrom. Caught between the pacifist teachings of her mother and these two men, Jessie desperately tries to deny that Bradleyville is rolling toward violence and destruction.

My Review - Although I thought I knew what the outcome of the story would be I liked the book pretty good. I loved Lee and Jessi together. I thought it was amazing the way the family shared God and His word with Jessi and Lee. Sharing God with family is probably harder then sharing with a stranger, sounds strange but it is true. I absolutely loved the ending of the book. I'm hoping I find out more about Jessi and Lee when I read the next two books!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Seventeen Second Miracle by Jason F. Wright

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wednesday Letters and The Cross Gardener, a story of small kindnesses-and life-changing miracles.

Seventeen seconds can change a life forever. This is what Rex Connor learned on a gorgeous summer afternoon in 1970 when, as a lifeguard, he diverted his gaze for seventeen seconds and tragedy occurred. Forty years later the waves of that day still ripple through the lives of countless people, including his son, Cole.

Cole Connor has become a patient teacher, and now he has invited three struggling teenagers to visit him on his front porch to learn about Rex Connor-and the Seventeen Second Miracle. Together they will learn how Rex Connor could have allowed seventeen seconds to destroy him, but instead he chose to live every day believing the smallest of acts could change the world for good. And the students, each with their own secrets and private pains, will begin to understand that even tragedy brings lessons. Even pain brings comfort. Even death brings miracles. A seventeen second miracle can change a life-if you let it.

My review - I liked this book. It was a pretty easy read and I read it in about 3 days. I liked his other book The Christmas Jars better but this was kind of like it but in a different way. It was a moving book just like The Christmas Jars and I think I'll be trying to preform at least one seventeen second miracle everyday like in the book. I thought the change in the three students was amazing. And I loved what happened with Jade's book store! Overall I give 4 stars and I will definitely read more of his books.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Light to my Path by Lynn Austin

Refiner's Fire book 3 Kitty, a house slave, always figured it was easiest to do what she’d always done--obey Missy and follow orders. But when word arrives that the Yankees are coming, Kitty is faced with a decision: will she continue to follow the bidding of her owners, or will she embrace this chance for freedom? Never allowed to have ideas of her own, Kitty is overwhelmed by the magnitude of her decision. Yet it is her hope to find the "happy ever after" ending to her life--and to follow Grady, whom she loves--that is the driving force behind her choice. Where will it lead her?

My Review - This book was pretty good. I especially liked it after Grady and Anna/Kitty met. Until that point it kind of dragged. The way slaves were treated were horrible. I don't think I ever realized how bad they were treated or how wrong it was. And then when slavery ended I couldn't image how lost and unprepared people were. I mean you've basically been treated one way your whole life and for that to suddenly change to where you didn't have to be ordered around anymore. Overall I liked this book a lot after I got to a certain point. I can't wait til Lynn Austin comes out with more books since I've read all the ones up to this point.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kindle vs. Nook vs. NookColor...

So I've been thinking about asking for an eReader for Christmas...What are your thoughts on these?? Which one do you prefer?

I've personally been leaning more towards the NookColor for a few reasons...1) After Amazon is going to sell the pedophile book I don't want them to have anymore of my money. And 2) On the NookColor you can surf the web. But those are my only reasons. So what are your thoughts????

Friday, November 12, 2010

Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin

Harriet Sherwood has always adored her grandmother. But when Harriet decides to follow in her footsteps to fight for social justice, she certainly never expected her efforts to land her in jail. Nor did she expect her childhood enemy and notorious school bully, Tommy O'Reilly, to be the arresting officer.

Languishing in a jail cell, Harriet has plenty of time to sift through the memories of the three generations of women who have preceded her. As each story emerges, the strength of her family--and their deep faith in the God of justice and righteousness--brings Harriet to the discovery of her own goals and motives for pursuing them.

My Review - This was probably my least favorite book from Lynn Austin that I've read. I did read through it all but I was very hard for me to get through it. I didn't like how Harriet would just kind of be remembering but then it'd jump back to her. But I'm moving on to the next Lynn Austin book. I gave this book 2 stars.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Thankful my mom is doing great!
So if you've read any of my other post you'll read that my mom has breast cancer and on November 2nd she had a double mastectomy. She came through surgery wonderfully and when they were doing the surgery they took out three lymph nodes. Well, those three lymph nodes were tested and they tested negative for cancer. Praise the Lord!! Now though it's been four days since surgery and she is doing awesome. I talked to my dad earlier and he said she had been more awake and alert this morning then she had since the surgery. I'm going to go see her in a bit. Thanks for all the prayers! :)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins: #198 we go!

1. Sometimes, you don't get what you want exactly when you want it..

2. You should trust God about the whole thing.

3. Small steps.

4. The Bible is very enlightening.

5. I keep meaning to get off this computer!

6. Is it time ...yet.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing, tomorrow my plans include sleeping in and Sunday, I want to go to church!

Thursday, November 04, 2010


So my mom is doing pretty good. The surgery was on Tuesday and they started around 11:30am and finished about 3:30pm. They took out 3 of her lymph nodes and there was no cancer found in those, praise the Lord! And she goes back on Wednesday to find out what stage the cancer was in. She's sore and in pain now but she went home today. She has a long road ahead from recovery and then starting chemo. So please continue to pray for her! I'm SO very thankful for all the people who are praying. She has told me that she can feel that there are many praying for her. Thanks again!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Prayer Please....

So to the left there is myself but it is also my wonderful, loving, caring, sweet (the list could go on and on) mother, Debbie. On 10/22/10 she was diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump in her breast. So I'm asking prayer for her. But tomorrow for her and the doctors. She's having a double mastectomy. She's completely at peace about all of this and I am at peace but then that's my momma and it's scary! The surgery is scheduled for 11am EST so if you think about it please, please, please say a prayer. During the surgery they will take out three lymph nodes and test them to see if the cancer is in them. Also during the surgery they will be able to tell what stage it is in. She'll stay in the hospital tomorrow night and maybe, hopefully get to come home on Wednesday 11/03/10. I know she already has a bunch of prayers being said for her and our family but a few more can't hurt.

I will try to post an update tomorrow evening but I may not get to because I'll be at the hospital all day and then getting home late. Thanks in advance for your prayers though! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Excited that I'll be babysitting tonight!

So really, who gets excited about babysitting?! haha...I've babysat a few children and I love doing it but this little girl I'll be with tonight holds a special place in my heart! Maybe it's the fact that she wakes up the morning I'm going to be coming and says to her dad, What day is it? And he'll say Saturday. She'll say YEAH! Today is the day Kasey comes and it's going to be AWESOME! haha. Maybe that's it. But I am excited about it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

While We're Far Apart by Lynn Austin

In an unassuming apartment building in Brooklyn, New York, three lives intersect as the reality of war invades each aspect of their lives. Young Esther is heartbroken when her father decides to enlist in the army shortly after the death of her mother. Penny Goodrich has been in love with Eddie Shaffer for as long as she can remember; now that Eddie's wife is dead, Penny feels she has been given a second chance and offers to care for his children in the hope that he will finally notice her and marry her after the war. And elderly Mr. Mendel, the landlord, waits for the war to end to hear what has happened to his son trapped in war-torn Hungary.

But during the long, endless wait for victory overseas, life on the home front will go from bad to worse. Yet these characters will find themselves growing and changing in ways they never expected--and ultimately discovering truths about God's love... even when He is silent.

My review - I liked this book pretty good. Took me a few chapters to get into it but once I got sucked into it I liked it. I hated how Penny's parents treated her. Whether or not she was their true daughter or not, they still treated her like crap. And I pinned her and Roy from the get go. And I loved the ending for all the characters. I also liked the time period in which the book was set. I've always thought the Holocaust was an interest time in history.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Join Us for Monday Mayhem1. Are you living the dream?? Yep. I'm saved by the grace of God, God sent me a wonderful husband and I love my family!
2. Is this what you imagined your life would be like? Hum...Kind of...I'd like a few children but they will come when God wants them to...
3. I'm coming for dinner, what will you make for me?? Probably Honey Mustard Chicken cause I know it's good :)
4. What's your favorite cuss word? Not really into using cuss words.
5. Tell me one thing you would change about anyone's blog and why? Nothing...I love seeing other people's blog and wondering how I can improve mine to look as good as theirs! :)
6. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve? Music that starts as soon as the page is loaded.
7. What's your favorite tv show this season? I need a new show! :) House, The Event, and Parenthood - it's my new favorite :)
8. What's your favorite 'down' time {nothing computer related}? Reading...If you've ever read my blog before you'd know I like to read...I ALWAYS have a book with me :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Trying to remember God's in control! :)

He's in control of everything and not just some of the time but ALL of the time! So thankful!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins: #195 we go!
1. Wow, it's already October!?!
2. You are beautiful.
3. My favorite way to start a day is sleeping in :).
4. My husband came home and he walked in the door holding a pumpkin.
5. I look out my window and see my backyard and my nice cover porch that we had covered last year.
6. My momma is what I've been thinking about lately.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting, crocheting and reading, tomorrow my plans include laundry and reading and Sunday, I want to go to church, spend time with family and of course take a nap! :)


Amber Morn by Brandilyn Collins

 The whole thing couldn’t have taken more than sixty seconds.

Bailey hung on to the counter, dazed. If she let go, she’d collapse—and the twitching fingers of one of the gunmen would pull a trigger. The rest of her group huddled in frozen shock.

Dear God, tell me this is a dream …

The shooter’s teeth clenched. “Anybody who moves is dead.”

On a beautiful Saturday morning the nationally read “Scenes and Beans” bloggers gather at Java Joint for a special celebration. Chaos erupts when three gunmen burst in and take them all hostage. One person is shot and dumped outside.

Police Chief Vince Edwards must negotiate with the desperate trio. The gunmen insist on communicating through the “comments” section of the blog—so all the world can hear their story. What they demand, Vince can’t possibly provide. But if he doesn’t, over a dozen beloved Kanner Lake citizens will die …

My Review - This book was good from the beginning. It upset me a few times in how stupid the people could be. I can say that I'm going to miss the Kanner Lake citizens. I wish I could have learned more about Bailey and her husband, John. But also about S-man and Leslie. AND lastly of Carla and her daughter, Brittany. All that being said it couldn't have ended any better. I loved the ending, yes I said I loved it! (I hardly ever love endings of books, movies or anything really!)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Welcome to Monday Mayhem- the best place to be on the slowest day of the week.
Today we are celebrating the five best pieces of advice. For each prompt, give your best advice. Be sure to have fun and visit the other participants.

1. Someone playing this meme has music playing on their site and it is disrupting what you have playing on your computer while you play this wonderful meme. What's your best advice to people who auto-play music on their site? Stop...It's annoying...If you must have music on your site then have it in a little side bar where if I feel like hearing it then I'll push play...
2. What is your best advice to someone thinking about getting married? Let him handle his family and you handle your family. Which basically means if your mom makes him mad then you need to handle it not him. Or the other way around. That was the best advice anyone gave me before I got married.

3. What's your best advice for someone wanting to purchase a new phone? Research before you buy. And find about two or three phones that interest you and then research to see which one is the best! :)

4. What's your best advice to offer to the younger generation? Stop texting so much and enjoy the small things in life. Enjoy sitting on the front porch with your family and not texting.

5. What's your best advice for anyone wanting to buy a car? Save, save, save...And buy used. Save as much money as you possibly can to either pay a nice down payment OR just pay in full with cash for the car. That's our goal next time we buy a car.
6.What's the best advice to give to everyone? Love your family and enjoy each other. Take many pictures and spend time together. Also tell each other you love each other every chance you get!

Crimson Eve by Brandilyn Collins

Carla stared at the gun and David Thornbyorn whatever his name was. Her mind fissured, one side pleading this was some sick joke, the other knowing it was not. Her throat ran dry, air backing up in her lungs. She swallowed.

Please. You must have the wrong person. There's no reason for someone to want me dead. I don't have any enemies.

Then you'd best rethink your friends.

Realtor Carla Radling shows an English gentleman a lakeside estate and finds herself facing a gun. Who has hired this assassin to kill her, and why?

Forced on the run, Carla must uncover the scathing secrets of her past. Secrets that could destroy some very powerful people. Perhaps even change the face of a nation

Crimson Eve is book three in the Kanner Lake Series. Set in a small lakeshore town in pristine northern Idaho, this series combines suspense and fast-paced action with intriguing, well-crafted characters and many an unexpected twist.

My review - I had guessed it through the whole book but that didn't take away how much I liked this book. I think I just liked Carla's character. I also liked how the book ended. Looking forward to the 4th and final book. Wondering how Kanner Lake can ever end though...

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Need to upload pictures of vacation!
So I went on vacation from September 25th - October 3rd...We went to Chicago which was awesome and then when we got back to North Carolina we went to Topsail Island. It was so fun. But I really need to load my pictures on the computer and then post a blog of them too...That's on my to do list today! So visit back later and see them! :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thankful Thursday....

As I was doing my devotion this morning I started thinking what am I thankful for...So here's a few things....

1. My salvation
2. My family
3. Waking up this morning
4. Having a roof over my head
5. Having God's word to read

There are many more things I'm thankful for but what are you thankful for today?

Monday, October 04, 2010

Your music....

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like rap, country, hip-hop, or christian????

Well, I listen to Christian radio majority of the time and I love it. God is amazing and He's given some people the amazing talent and gift of singing and actually sounding good. (Some people can just sing but it might not sound good - like me! haha) Anyhow, everyone has rough times in their lives. But have you ever been at that moment where all you need is a gentle reminder that God is in control of everything - and I mean EVERYTHING? At that point is when you should tune into a Christian station (which I hope you have a local Christian station) and just see what's on. Isn't it amazing that usually the song that is on is just the song that you are needing to hear to remind you of everything God has done and will do. And that He is in control, nobody else.

Christian music is so influential. It's like the artist get inside your brain and know what you are feeling, thinking and needing and put it to music. I honestly remember about two years ago my husband and I were going through a rough time finding a house to buy and how to spend the down payment that we had. Now I know people have bigger problems then buying a house but at this time that was my BIG problem. I remember turning on the radio and Crawl by Superchic[k] was playing and it just spoke to me. No matter what happens He's there - ALWAYS!

So tune into your local Christian station and thank the Lord that some people have that talent and gift to bring your music (even the people control what comes on the radio have talent!)

106.9 The Light

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

 Elizabeth Bennet is the perfect Austen heroine: intelligent, generous, sensible, incapable of jealousy or any other major sin. That makes her sound like an insufferable goody-goody, but the truth is she's a completely hip character, who if provoked is not above skewering her antagonist with a piece of her exceptionally sharp -- but always polite -- 18th century wit. The point is, you spend the whole book absolutely fixated on the critical question: will Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy hook up?

My Review - I attempted to read this book and got to about the 3rd chapter but just couldn't keep reading. I know I'll probably be fussed or whatever for not caring for this book but I just didn't like it.