Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday 9: Liar, Liar

1. What is the last "white" lie that you told? I try not to tell lies and I honestly don't remember the last "white" lie or any type of lie I have told.

2. Can you forgive a liar? Over time I think so. Just takes time to build that trust back up.

3. Do you tend to exaggerate or underestimate? I'm an exaggerator...

4. Do you hold a grudge? I try not to but sometimes that's hard. So yes & no.

5. What's the biggest lie you've ever told? Hum...I'm not sure...

6. Are there times that you feel that it is okay to lie? No...Lying is never a good thing.

7. Did you ever end a relationship because of lies? No.

8. Do you think you can tell when someone is lying to you? Sometimes. Depends on how close I am to the person.

9. Have you been caught lying? Um...I don't know...Like I said...I try not to lie and then there's nothing to be caught doing.

Friday Fill-Ins: #113

So, I missed yesterday but thought I'd post it anyhow...Enjoy!

1. I'm happy
, I'm happy, I am happy.

2. Why do I have to work and not stay at home.

3. How does this program work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put toothpaste on my toothbrush.

5. I consider myself lucky because I've got God in my life.

6. One day we’ll see heaven if we're saved.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and washing clothes and Sunday, I want to see snow!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hockey Game...

On Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Jamie and I went to our first Hockey game. And we had a blast. It was the Charlotte Checkers vs. Florida Everglades. The Everglades are ranked #1 in the South and the Checkers are #3. BUT on that night the Checkers beat the Everglades 4-0. It was so much fun and Jamie and I can't wait to go to another game.

This was right before the game. Both teams were getting a little practice in before the game.

This was where the Checkers sat waiting to join the game...

This is the Charlotte Checkers mascot. His named was Chubby. Which Jamie and I found funny because that's our cat's name.

Jamie and I after the game. We had so much fun!!

Saturday 9: Letting the Sparks Fly

Saturday 9: Letting the Sparks Fly

1. Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity? To AC Moore or Michael's.

2. What would be one thing that would embarrass you a great deal? Going out to a resturant and the waiter's singing happy birthday...Can't stand that!

3. What values did your parents instill in you? To trust in God no matter what happens. Because He will always take care of you and He will never give you more then you can handle.

4. What’s a fad of your teen years that you remember well? Um...Flare jeans and cruising are the two things that come to my mind.

5. What is your favorite breakfast? Probably pancakes or waffles. OR mom's egg and cheese sandwich!

6. What is the best birthday gift that you have received? I don't really know...Probably my mawmaw calling every year and singing happy birthday...I never realized how much that meant to me till this year when she didn't call because she passed away in December.

7. What gadget could you not live without? Either the cell phone or the computer. I have a fear that if I ever got rid of my cell phone then I'd somehow get stranded at night and have no way of getting ahold of someone.

8. Do you collect anything? I use to tell people that I collected turtles and then I got overwhelmed with them but I still love turtles. That and I want to start a collection of children's books so that when Jamie and I have children we can already have the books for them.

9. What website (non-blog) do you regularly visit? Myspace the most and then Facebook.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins #112

1. Give me chocolate and I'll be content!
2. Whenever the time is right.
3. I wish that I would pass this kidney stone.
4. Hot Fudge Sundae from McDonalds was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.
5. To live in this world of madness.
6. Other than this one, Brandie's is the last blog I commented on.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting and relaxing, tomorrow my plans include washing clothes and babysitting and Sunday, I want to spend some time with family!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Long Walk by Stephen King

I finished this book last night...And as always here is my post that I put on Goodreads...
Started this book on 02/07/2009. I finally finished this book last night. I am so happy to be done with it. While I was reading it I kept wondering to myself why was I continuing to read it. It just didn't do anything for me and barely kept my interest, which is why it took 11 days to read. And the ending really wasn't the way I would have liked it to end...Overall if we could give half stars it'd get a 1 and a half...It will be a while before I read another Stephen King novel for this reason. But I'm not giving up on him completely.
I am so glad to bedone with this book, as I've stated before...Stephen King is one of the authors that I have a list of books that he wrote and I wanted to read all of his books. But this one and Salem's Lot were just not good for me. I loved Carrie and thought yes I've found another author to read (because that was the first book I read from him). I'll probably continue to try to read all of his books just not as often as I'll read Dean Koontz or other authors.

Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Random Things...

So I did this 25 Random things about me on Facebook back on February 8th. But I just now remembered it so I'm posting it on here too! :)

1. I love the Lord with all my heart.
2. I love to color, and yes I'm 26 and you read that right.
3. My worst habit is twirling my hair, it drives some people crazy.
4. I can't stand bugs of any type, especially spiders though.
5. I'm not scared of snakes but am scared to death of spiders.
6. I love to read. If you see me I'll probably have a book in my hand.
7. I've been in school for what seems like forever.
8. I love children and can't wait to have my own.
9. I have two goofy sisters who are twins.
10. Jessi and I like to pick on Jamie and it drives my mom crazy (I think).
11.I do not like to drive long distances, I get to sleepy.
12. My dream is that once Jamie and I have children I can be a stay at home mom.
13. Oh yes, I'm married to a wonderful man named Jamie.
14. My wedding day was all I wanted it to be and more.
15. I'm a major home-body. My daddy calls me a hermit crab.
16. At my wedding everything was going good till the end of the night when I burnt my dress.
17. I love to take pictures but not near as much as my mother-in-law (Cindy).
18. When I get stressed I want to spend money but I'm smart enough not to if we don't have it.
19. I'm a PK and proud of it.
20. My best friend lives in OK, her name is Erica.
21. We've met one time and that was for my wedding.
22. I'm a momma's girl all the way.
23. I'm thankful for my family and Jamie's.
24. Another bad habit I have is I bite the skin around my nails.
25. I'm married to a chef but I can't cook.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Q & A Meme

Sunday Stealing: The Q & A Meme

1. Where is your significant other? Gone to get us something to eat.

2. Your favorite thing? Hum...That's a tie between pictures, my rings, and my Bible (all of my Bibles).

3. Your dream last night? I dreamed that Jamie and I were at a restuarant and we both left the table at the same time for some weird reason and when we came back they'd given our table away. The manager showed us another table that was super hard to get to and said that was the only seat in the house, while there were many open tables around us. So I said let's leave. (Why is that your dreams always make sense when you are dreaming but when you wake up you are like what in the world?!)

4. Your goal? To graduate from college and to be able to stay at home with my children when Jamie and I have them.

5. Your hobby? I love to read, crochet. I use to scrapbook but haven't in a really long time.

6. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Hopefully having a few children and being able to be a Stay at Home Mom.

7. Where were you last night? At my house where I usually am on Saturday nights. If was wasn't in front of the computer I was in front of the tv, but I was crocheting while watching tv.

8. What you're not? Independent. I am very dependent on Jamie.

9. One of your wish list items? Um...Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0

10. Your pet? Is a cat named Chubby.

11. Missing someone? My mawmaw. My birthday this year was very hard because it was the first year she didn't call me and sing Happy Birthday. She passed away in December and my birthday is in February.

12. Your car? 2003 Honda Accord and it's blue :)

13. Something you're not wearing? Socks

14. Love someone? How about love alot of people. But if I have to name one then the first one that comes to mind is Jamie.

15. When is the last time you laughed? Earlier today at church...We had a guest speaker and she was funny.

16. Last time you cried? Hum...Probably when I was hurting from my kidney stone which was a little over a week ago.

17. Favorite past time? There are many but a few are reading, crocheting, playing on the computer.

18. Are you a hater or a lover? I can be both...Depends on my mood.

19. Any vices? I dunno.

20. Favorite meme other than Sunday Stealing? Friday Fill-ins!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday 9: Be My Valentine

1. Do you have Valentine’s Day plans? No, my husband is a chef so he always works on Valentine's but I'm okay with that because I think of Valentine's as just another day. I would rather get flowers throughout the year when every other woman in the world isn't. haha.

2. Do you buy a Valentine’s Day gift for someone special? I bought him a card and a little box of conversation hearts.

3. What, so far, was the happiest event of your life? By far my wedding was the happiest event, November 09, 2007, I couldn't have asked for a better day.

4. What is the best job that you ever have had? I love the job I have now working at a daycare. I've never had a job that I couldn't stand. But when I worked as a cashier at a grocery store I did get tired of rude customers.

5. What would be your fantasy job? Being a stay-at-home mom. Hopefully that will be possible when we have children.

6. What would you think would be the worst job? Anything dealing with stinking stuff, like a trashman. Or a telemarket person.

7. What foreign countries have you visited? None yet. Hopefully someday I'll visit many foreign countries with my husband.

8. What foreign country would be your fantasy trip? Italy, but of course my husband would have to go with me!

9. Since leaving your home growing up, how many places have you lived? Since I've been married (I lived at home till I was married) I've lived in a house we rented, an apartment we rented and then we just bought our first house. SO, that's 3 places.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fill-In #111

1. It seems like all I do is work.
2. Put the seat down when you're done, please?
3. If I thought you liked it I'd do it!
4. Fun times is what I think of most when I think of you.
5. To me, Valentine's Day means just another day.
6. God gives me strength.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to babysitting and eatting spaghetti, tomorrow my plans include cleaning some and shopping some and Sunday, I want to go to church!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

School Books...

I have to do a project for school. It's critqueing (that a word?) 10 children's books. Anyhow, when I first started it I thought do I count these 10 books in my 75 books that I want to read this year? And then I thought of course I do because I'm reading them and they are books. Would you count them? Anyhow, hopefully I can load all of the pictures on to this blog. We'll see...

And I can't load the pictures on here to where they will look decent. So here are the titles...Check them out...They are pretty cute children's books...

The Snow Ghosts by Leo Landry
When It Starts to Snow by Phillis Gershator
Brewster the Rooster by Devin Scillian
Stormy Night by Hubert Flattinger
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola
Snow by Uri Shulevitz
Big Sister, Little Sister by LeUyen Pham
The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister (my personal favorite)

So, would you or would you not count these books toward your book reading goal?

And BTW, I still haven't passed the stone but not in as much pain.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kidney Stone

So, Thursday I went to work thinking it was going to be a pretty good day. Then I had these sharp pains but I passed them off as cramps. Mind you I thought they were the worst cramps I'd ever have and they were weird. I'd be fine on minute playing with the children and all. But then in the very next minute I was doubled over and on the floor. Then around 12 or 12:30 I started feeling worse. I would either be freezing with the chill pops or burning up. At this point my back was hurting on my right side where my kidney's are. Now, I've had a kidney stone before so I know what that feels like and it felt like that. I thought oh Lord I have another stone. But I started to feel a little better so I went on to lunch. I had lunch with my Grandma, Mom and Daddy for my birthday. But when I got back to work I started feeling bad again. It was probably about 20 minutes after I'd gotten back from lunch that I was just crying like a little baby. I texted mom and asked her to come and get me. And then I told my supervisor that I had to leave that I was so sorry but I had to go to the ER. I spent 3 hours in the ER and yep, I was right I had a kidney stone. They told me to stay at home from work on Friday and I felt bad having to say I can't work but Amanda, my supervisor, was really understanding. It's Saturday morning at 5am (I can't sleep) and I have yet to pass it but I have meds to hopefully help pass it. That and drinking lots of water. I would not wish a kidney stone on anyone.

Another book...

I just finished Mercy by Jodi Picoult. While I loved the book and thought it was really good I only gave it 3 stars because I reminded myself that it was not my favorite Jodi Picoult book. Here's what I wrote as my review on Goodreads.

This book was a book that made you think during the whole book. It wasn't a light read at all. Cam really got on my nerves thinking he could have his cake and eat it too but I love how Allie reacted whenever she did find out about the affair. Jamie and Maggie were the main ones that had you thinking during the whole book. I love Jodi Picoult's books. This was not my favorite but not my least favorite either.

So that's my fifth book for 2009. I'm well on my way to 75 books this year, I think.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins

1. Please don't tell anyone.
2. Can you wake-up in the morning?
3. The color green makes me want to sleep (we have green sheets! haha)!
4. I have a craving for Girl Scout cookies.
5. If my life had a pause button, I'd pause it about a month ago.
6. Eyes are the green when I don't feel good and brown any other time.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hopefull passing a kidney stone, tomorrow my plans include doing homework and Sunday, I want to go to church!