Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cast a Road Before Me by Brandilyn Collins

A course-changing event in one’s life can happen in minutes. Or it can form slowly, a primitive webbing splaying into fingers of discontent, a minuscule trail hardening into the sinewed spine of resentment. So it was with the mill workers as the heat-soaked days of summer marched on.

City girl Jessie, orphaned at sixteen, struggles to adjust to life with her barely known aunt and uncle in the tiny town of Bradleyville, Kentucky. Eight years later (1968), she plans on leaving—to follow in her revered mother’s footsteps of serving the homeless. But the peaceful town she’s come to love is about to be tragically shattered. Threats of a labor strike rumble through the streets, and Jessie’s new love and her uncle are swept into the maelstrom. Caught between the pacifist teachings of her mother and these two men, Jessie desperately tries to deny that Bradleyville is rolling toward violence and destruction.

My Review - Although I thought I knew what the outcome of the story would be I liked the book pretty good. I loved Lee and Jessi together. I thought it was amazing the way the family shared God and His word with Jessi and Lee. Sharing God with family is probably harder then sharing with a stranger, sounds strange but it is true. I absolutely loved the ending of the book. I'm hoping I find out more about Jessi and Lee when I read the next two books!

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