Friday, June 29, 2012

Crank (Crank #1) by Ellen Hopkins

This is a story about a monster. Not a dragon or a mythological beast, but a very real, very destructive monster--crystal meth--that takes hold of seventeen-year-old Kristina Snow and transforms her into her reckless alter-ego Bree. Based on her own daughter's addiction to crystal meth, Ellen Hopkins' novel-in-verse is a vivid, transfixing look into teenage drug use. Told in Kristina's voice, it provides a realistic portrayal of the tortured logic of an addict.

My Review - WOW! This is a book that I for sure judged by the cover. I've eyed this book for years when going into a book store or seeing it wherever. I'd had it on my TBR (to be read) list for years! Since 2008 to be exact. But this book was so good! I loved it and am already halfway through the second book. I want to smack Kristina and her Dad! But then again I feel sorry for her. I've never personally been around drugs and this book was an eye opener and made me very thankful that I haven't been around them. Hopkins is an awesome author!

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