Thursday, March 03, 2011

Flutter by Amanda Hocking

Flutter - the third book in the My Blood Approves series...

Being undead doesn't make life any easier for Alice Bonham.

Her younger brother's love life is heating up, while hers is... more complicated. Mae is falling apart, her best friend Jane is addicted to vampire bites, and if Alice doesn't get her bloodlust under control, someone will end up dead.

Alice volunteers for a rescue mission with Ezra. But going up against a pack of rabid vampires might be too much, even for him.

My Review - This book was kind of long (598 pages) compared to the other books in the series. It was pretty good and I liked it okay. I really liked Jack and Alice. And Maw was unbelievable. I never saw that coming with what went on between her and Ezra. I'll be moving on to the next book in the series now.

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