Friday, December 30, 2011

An Irish Christmas by Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson is the bestselling author of more than 200 books, including My Son, the Savior and The Christmas Bus. She lives with her husband in Sisters, Oregon.

For Colleen, life is spinning out of control. She just lost her husband, and her relationship with her young adult son Jamie is crumbling. Should she confess to him the secret that has been haunting her for twenty years?

Jamie has a few secrets of his own. When he announces his plans to join the military, Colleen decides it's time for the two of them to take a trip together--to Ireland.

The truth they discover there could fulfill both their dreams in a way neither ever thought possible.

An Irish Christmas is a captivating story of love, deception, and secret passions, from popular and prolific author Melody Carlson.

My Review - this book was just okay for me. It too me until about page 80 or so for it to really get good for me and even then it was predictable. I loved the actual story about Jamie, Liam and Colleen though. And the ending was good, which as I've said before is rare for me to like an ending. I'll be reading more Melody Carlson and hoping for less predictably.

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