Friday, October 10, 2008


Well, be prepared because this is going to be a LONG post. There is so much going on.

First there my health. I've been coughing for the past four weeks and it's driving me crazy. At first it was just a cough. But now it's like congestion. I was going to go to Urgent Care after work today but it would cost $50 to go and then whatever meds they prescribed. So I decided instead to go to CVS and get something tomorrow when we may go look at this house again (more about that later). So we'll see if I can get something to help me feel better.

Then there's work. We've been short handed all week. So everyone has been stressed. On top of being sick I've been in a room by myself some. BUT it's okay because it's Friday and we made it through the week. On Monday we have two new people starting so next week should be a better week.

Next is school. I'm two weeks behind in one of my classes but there is no really late work so it's okay. But then the other class just really stresses me out because of these portfolio's that we have to do. I'm going to get the stuff done in the class I'm behind tomorrow. That's what my afternoon is going to consist of is doing homework. I will not put it off any longer.

Now about the house. Well, Monday we went and looked at a rental with a real estate agent. So we decided to start looking at houses to buy. We looked at about three houses on Monday, went back to two on Tuesday that we had seen on Monday and then looked at like three more. On Monday the second house that we saw we loved. So Wednesday evening, Jamie took my mom, his dad, and his step-mom to see it. They all loved it. The house was for sale for $89,400. We decided to put in an offer of $78,000 (seller pay closing and a warranty) today. It was counter-offered with $85,000 with a no to the closing cost and a warranty. So we went back with $84,000 with closing and there was no counter offer just a no. SO our last offer is $83,000 and we'll pay the closing cost. I hope and pray that the seller accepts that offer but I have to put my trust in God. I've given it to Him and I'm not going to worry about it anymore. We are going tomorrow morning to take my daddy over there since he couldn't go Wednesday evening. Hopefully our agent will know something about the seller either accepting the new offer or refusing it. We shall see.

Some good news is so far in the weight loss effort I've lost 6 pounds. :)

Okay that was long enough so I'm going to get off of here now. I am posting this next verse just to remind myself that God is my very great reward!

"Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward." -Genesis 15:1

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