Thursday, May 07, 2009

Weigh-In Day...and Laundry

Again...But today I also took measurements as well...Anyhow, I lost a pound this week and then I lost two inches on my legs and waist. And a half inch on my neck. My legs are what I want to lose the inches on...Anyhow, just thought I'd share my success! :)

And my husband joined SparkPeople so that's inspired me to try harder too and I've started logging my food like I should have been doing all along.

So we made our own laundry detergent a little over a week ago...It works wonderfully. I think next time we'll do the powder laundry but it's such a savings in money. I mean you pay $9 for a box of Gain that does 40 loads of laundry. We paid probably about $7 or $8 for all the items to make the laundry and it'll make more then just one mix of the laundry detergent and the homemade detergent will probably do at least 80 loads of laundry. SAVINGS!!!

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Brandie said...

Congrats, congrats! You are doing so well!!