Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skillet Concert...

So we went to a Skillet concert Sunday, May 24th and it was so awesome. Decyfer Down and Disciple were there as well. We enjoyed the concert very much. Jamie had been telling me for about a month now that he wanted to go to a Skillet concert for his birthday (which is June 12th) and we were wanting to go to one on May 21st in Charleston, SC but we couldn't afford it so we didn't get to go. Then his mom asked me what he wanted for his birthday and I told her Skillet tickets so she bought us tickets. :) It was so fun, a BIG THANK YOU to Cindy!

I didn't really get any good pictures of the bands even though we had really good seats but I did get alot of pictures of the crazy amounts of lights that Skillet had. It was so awesome! And a few of Jamie and I as well...Jamie and I bought two shirts and a cd at the concert. He got a Skillet shirt that's their tour shirt. And I got a Disciple shirt cause I thought it was pretty. haha. It was the last night of the tour so they were pulling pranks on each other so it was overall a really fun experience. Jamie loved it!



Holli said...

Looks like you both had a great time!!

Brandie said...

Cute pics!!!