Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coupons...and a few other things...

So here recently I saw one of my friends on Facebook post something about figuring out coupons. AND I was wondering if anyone had any coupon sites that they'd like to share?

Also I'm not Twilight Obsessed as some people are (not that I'm judging) but my husband thinks I am. And really I just think Robert Pattinson is HOT! What's wrong with that? I told him today I could be so much worse with that movie. He said I don't understand why people like it. So then I had to explain why everyone likes it. MEN! (Gotta love em)

My dad preached an awesome sermon on Sunday (not that he doesn't do good every week) but this Sunday it was about needs. And his main statement throughout the whole sermon was - 'If you're down to nothing, then God's up to something.' How right is that. I felt like he was preaching right to me because last week it was a battle.

First it was cold and then rainy. Well, where our crawl space is for our house flooded so the heat started messing up. Then once Jamie and his friend, Justin, got all the water out we went to turn our heat back on and it smelled so bad like something burning. We changed the filter but it still smelled. So today we had someone come out and look at it and found the problem. Now it doesn't stink. But we'll need a new heating system very soon. Whew...But I know God will provide so I'm not going to stress or worry over it.

Alright, enough rambling...Now I'm going to bed...don't forget to leave comments and let me know some coupon sites! :)


Brandie said...

i don't think men will every understand love for Rob.

for me it's the fact that he portrays the edward character more perfect then anyone else ever could. which makes him even hotter!!

Erica said...

Tell Jamie I said you are NOT Twilight obsessed. Try living with 2 teenage daughters who ARE Twilight obsessed! One likes Jacob, the other Edward. They are always fussing over who is the hottest!

I would be interested in grocery shopping on a budget. Maybe some of the "pros" who spend $100+ on groceries and only pay $10 for them can comment and teach us!


Just a couple of sites that I have used.