Friday, November 13, 2009

Eve's Daughters by Lynn Austin

So about a week ago I was complaining that I didn't know what book to read but I really just wanted a GOOD book...Well, I found it...Read below! :)

I started this book on 11/07/2009. I finished this book on 11/11/2009.

This book got five stars from me which is a major thing. All I can say about book (well, not really all I can say) is WOW!! It was amazing. My favorite part was Emma's story. Okay now let's go back some, this book was about 3 women, (Grandmother, Mother, Daughter) and their stories plus the story of their Great-Grandmother. It was about how when a lie was exposed everything started making sense and people started to understand. I love how the author did push God on you she just let the characters speak through the story about their faith. The part about the daughter needing to know that her mom and dad were proud of her hit home big time, as in that's something I fear is my parents won't be proud of me. I can't wait to see what her next book is about!

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