Friday, October 15, 2010

Amber Morn by Brandilyn Collins

 The whole thing couldn’t have taken more than sixty seconds.

Bailey hung on to the counter, dazed. If she let go, she’d collapse—and the twitching fingers of one of the gunmen would pull a trigger. The rest of her group huddled in frozen shock.

Dear God, tell me this is a dream …

The shooter’s teeth clenched. “Anybody who moves is dead.”

On a beautiful Saturday morning the nationally read “Scenes and Beans” bloggers gather at Java Joint for a special celebration. Chaos erupts when three gunmen burst in and take them all hostage. One person is shot and dumped outside.

Police Chief Vince Edwards must negotiate with the desperate trio. The gunmen insist on communicating through the “comments” section of the blog—so all the world can hear their story. What they demand, Vince can’t possibly provide. But if he doesn’t, over a dozen beloved Kanner Lake citizens will die …

My Review - This book was good from the beginning. It upset me a few times in how stupid the people could be. I can say that I'm going to miss the Kanner Lake citizens. I wish I could have learned more about Bailey and her husband, John. But also about S-man and Leslie. AND lastly of Carla and her daughter, Brittany. All that being said it couldn't have ended any better. I loved the ending, yes I said I loved it! (I hardly ever love endings of books, movies or anything really!)

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