Monday, October 04, 2010

Your music....

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you like rap, country, hip-hop, or christian????

Well, I listen to Christian radio majority of the time and I love it. God is amazing and He's given some people the amazing talent and gift of singing and actually sounding good. (Some people can just sing but it might not sound good - like me! haha) Anyhow, everyone has rough times in their lives. But have you ever been at that moment where all you need is a gentle reminder that God is in control of everything - and I mean EVERYTHING? At that point is when you should tune into a Christian station (which I hope you have a local Christian station) and just see what's on. Isn't it amazing that usually the song that is on is just the song that you are needing to hear to remind you of everything God has done and will do. And that He is in control, nobody else.

Christian music is so influential. It's like the artist get inside your brain and know what you are feeling, thinking and needing and put it to music. I honestly remember about two years ago my husband and I were going through a rough time finding a house to buy and how to spend the down payment that we had. Now I know people have bigger problems then buying a house but at this time that was my BIG problem. I remember turning on the radio and Crawl by Superchic[k] was playing and it just spoke to me. No matter what happens He's there - ALWAYS!

So tune into your local Christian station and thank the Lord that some people have that talent and gift to bring your music (even the people control what comes on the radio have talent!)

106.9 The Light

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