Saturday, June 03, 2006

Trisha's B-day!! (long post)

Sorry I haven't wrote in so long...It's been almost a month. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow that way it will be a whole month. Nah...hehe...

So, school is out and I made...STRAIGHT A's!!! I signed up to do my co-op and the work seminar class that I have to do this summer. Should be easy. I mean all I'm really doing is paying Mitchell to let me go to work, which is CRAZY! But oh well, gotta do it to get my degree. I also signed up for four classes this fall at Mitchell. But CVCC may be offerening one of them on the internet so I may be doing an internet class. And if I go up there and find out one of my other classes is offered on the internet I may sign up for that one too. Then I would be taking 5 classes!! WOW, hopefully it will all work out. But if I get both of those classes in then I'll only have 8 more classes till I graduate! (If you don't know I'm going to school to get my degree in Early Childhood Education.) And then if I could take four classes a semester then I would be done in the fall of 2007 and graduate in the spring of 2008. :) That would be great.

Work is good. I found out back at the first of May (well, after I posted last time) that I would be changing rooms. Right now I am in the 4/5 year old room. At first they said I would be moving to the infant room on June 13th. (Graduation for the 4/5's is June 11 and then I'm off on June 12th for Jamie's b-day!!) Anyhow, after that about a week later one of the 1 year old teachers either quit or got fired (who knows). BUT I talked to the director and told her I would like for her to consider putting me in that room cause I loved the one's when I was with them before. She said she would talk to her assistant and that we'd see. Well, she told me a few days later that I would be moving to the one's. I'm very excited about that but also nervous and scared. I'll be working with a girl named Emily and it's not that I think we won't get along but I'm always scared when I start working with someone new. Anyhow, Emily is a few years younger then me so we should have fun.

Church is going good. We've got Vacation Bible School June 11-16. I'm doing kitchen duty with Jamie and mom. I did it last year when mom went to the Ukraine and had fun so I signed up for it again this year.

Jamie is doing great too...He's working a LOT of hours (getting about 40 hours of overtime a week). Which also means he's making more $$. We've talked more about getting married and he even bought me a wedding planning book that I wanted and I love it...I'm trying to not plan so much until I at least get a ring...haha. But I like looking at it all. He is done with school until this fall and I know he is as happy about that as I am. We're spending a lot more time together now that he's out of school and I am too. I'm loving it!!

NOW about the title of this LONG post...Today is Trisha's (my best friend) b-day!! WOOHOO!!

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