Sunday, March 14, 2010

Your thoughts please...

So I came across that article last night and thought that I couldn't go that long without washing my hair. It's hard for me to go without washing it on Saturday's. But during the week it is a must that I wash everyday. If I didn't you'd be able to have oil for your car just from my hair. haha. That was a stretch but seriously if I go one day without washing my hair then it'll be oily and nasty. So my question for you is how often do you wash your hair?

I wash and condition my hair everyday. I wash it just so it won't be oily and then I condition it because otherwise I wouldn't be able to pull a comb through it after washing it.

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Brandie said...

Because my hair is UBER's not necessary for me to wash it every day. I wash my hair every other day. Gives my scalp a day to let my natural oils moisturize my hair, which I'm told is good for people with my kind of thick hair. But I definitely can't go more then two days...I start to feel gross and then it gets greasy to the point where I can't stand it. And this sounds really dumb...but I get a headache after two days if I don't wash it...from it weighing down on my head. Sounds crazy...but it's true!!