Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Welcome to Monday Mayhem.

Today's Meme is the Annoying meme
For each of the prompts, name what annoys you....
Have fun.

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

What annoys you about people that you spend time with outside your home (coworkers etc)? People talking about me but when you say something to them about the problem that they were speaking of nobody has a problem with it.

What annoys you about people in your home? Hum...noises...haha...kind of like if your car rattles and it drives you crazy! haha

What annoys you about talking on the phone? I can't stand to talk on the phone...Weird I may be but I just don't like to do it. I would rather drive to see someone to talk to them instead of talking on the phone. It annoys me that you don't know when or what to say hanging up.

What annoys you about the over-used terms that people use? I don't know...Don't really have anything for this one.

What annoys you about restaurant foods? Well, my husband being a chef I, expect a LOT out of restaurant foods. It annoys me when I go to a restaurant and it is not as good as it should be.

What annoys you about restaurant servers? When they don't keep check on your table, or they act like you are crazy when you ask for certain stuff.

What annoys you about reading other blogs? Don't really know. I guess when a blog has so much stuff on it that it takes forever to load the page. If this is ever my page please inform me!

What annoys you about memes? How sometimes they get to where they are repeating themselves from week to week. Or maybe it's just that you feel they are repeating.

What annoys you about commenting on blogs? Nothing...Wait, I don't like when the comment box is in a popup.

What annoys you about people who chew gum? When they chew with their mouth open.

What annoys you about driving on the highway? People who drive slow when getting onto the interstate or people driving in the left lane slowly.

What annoys you about shopping at Walmart? OH WOW. Our Walmart is packed at all times of the day except at about midnight. People being packed into a shop annoys me.

What annoys you about kids? When their parents don't control them in public. Like when you are out at the restaurant and the kids are running around crawling under the tables and stuff. I am a firm believer in spankings! If you don't like that then don't watch me when I have children raise my children how I feel they should be raised.

What annoys you about your gender? Cattyness. Women are so catty sometimes. Granted I'm catty to at times.

What annoys you about the opposite sex? They don't have to go through childbirth! HA

What annoys you about shoes? When they don't feel comfortable on my feet.

What annoys you about shopping for clothes? When they don't fit like the should. Or I pick up a size that should fit but for some reason has been shrunk down and won't!

What annoys you about music? Degrading music. Just don't care to be degraded.

What annoys you about drinking alcohol? How some people get stupid and get behind the wheel and drive.

What annoys you about pizza? When it is so greasy that you stick a napkin on it and the napking gets soaked YUCK!

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