Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rebecca's Promise by Jerry S. Eicher

I had posted before that I was going to stop posting my reviews of books. I'm rethinking this for a few reasons. First, books are a HUGE part of my life. You will hardly ever catch me without a book. (I take a book to church and leave it in the car!!). Second, I love to read reviews from other people on books because it helps me add titles to my TBR list that is ever growing. And third, I know you really wanna read what I read! haha. So, here it is......

This book was pretty good. There needed to be more trial in it though. I liked the story of Rebecca and Atlee and I'm so glad she got to see him one more time to ease her mind. It was a short and sweet story. I'll read the next book whenever my library gets it. I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars for just liking it.

When I post a book I always rate it with stars. I get these stars from where I post all of my books. It's an awesome site you should check it out! Anyhow, here are the ratings...
1 star - didn't like it
2 stars - it was okay
3 stars - liked it
4 stars - really liked it
5 stars - it was amazing!

I'm picky with my 4 and 5 stars for the simple fact that if a book gets a 5 star it better blow me away and I can think of nothing else for days. To get a 4 star then a book has to be a book that I can't put down but that after it's done I don't think about it. Does my thinking make sense? haha. Anyhow, happy reading!

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