Sunday, August 15, 2010

Managing Your Moods (A Devotional)

Filling the needs of today's women, we offer the next 4 titles in the best-selling Women of Faith series.

These topical guides deal with issues that women wrestle with today, such as friendship, encouragement, managing moods, finding contentment, and how to live out your faith.

Reaching an audience across racial, socio-economic, denominational, and age boundaries, these guides will enhance the lives of women as they empower them in their weekly devotions. The study guides can be used for both individual and group settings.

Women are asking good questions about their faith. With our study guides, we want to join them in their quest for knowledge and lead them in finding the answers they are seeking.

My review - Finished this devotional book today and I loved it. I've gone through it before and loved it then too. Makes you realize how many emotions God gave us and how we need to put our emotions and feelings in His hands!

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