Monday, September 06, 2010

Christmas Jars

Christmas Jars Website

I've you've been reading my blog for any length of time you've probably already heard of the Christmas Jars. Well, yesterday at church my dad preached on not letting your fear stop you from what God wants you to do. He asked the whole congregation to write down two things they would do for the Lord this week. It was hard cause I didn't want to write down the wrong thing but also I didn't want to limit myself. Anyhow all that said, I thought of the Christmas Jars. The Christmas Jars is a book wrote by Jason Wright and if you haven't read it then you should! But the story is just the beginning. What you do is take a jar (mason, pickle, peanut butter, whatever kind of jar you have around your house) and put in your spare change for however long you want to do it and then Christmas week or on Christmas Eve you take it and put it on someone's doorstep, desk, car. Just give it to someone but don't let them know who it's from.

Last year was our first year doing a Christmas Jar (My Post from before) and it was such a blessing. We started putting in change around the first of December last year but this year we upped and started putting change in a jar in June. So look up Christmas Jars, read the book (cause it's good) and then start your own Christmas Jar! :)

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