Sunday, January 02, 2011

Color the Sidewalk for Me by Brandilyn Collins

As a chalk-fingered child, I had worn my craving for Mama’s love on my sleeve. But as I grew, that craving became cloaked in excuses and denial until slowly it sank beneath my skin to lie unheeded but vital, like the sinews of my framework. By the time I was a teenager, I thought the gap between Mama and me could not be wider.

And then Danny came along. . . .

A splendidly colored sidewalk. Six-year-old Celia presented the gift to her mother with pride—and received only anger in return. Why couldn’t Mama love her? Years later, when once-in-a-lifetime love found Celia, her mother opposed it. The crushing losses that followed drove Celia, guilt-ridden and grieving, from her Bradleyville home.

Now thirty-five, she must return to nurse her father after a stroke. But the deepest need for healing lies in the rift between mother and daughter. God can perform such a miracle. But first Celia and Mama must let go of the past--before it destroys them both.

My Review - I loved the story of Celia and Danny but to get to it kind of took a while. It could have been that I was also reading a book on my Nook. But I liked this book overall and will definitely read the 3rd book of the series.

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tBirdie said...

Definitely will have to check this book out!
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