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The Potluck Club by Linda Ward Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson

Meet the Potluck Club--six women who gather each month to share their insatiable appetite for good friends, great food, and a pinch of prayer. Their seemingly unlikely friendship brings a little spice to life in Summit View, Colorado. But when they send up enough misinformed prayers to bring down a church, things get interesting . . .

Evie's niece arrives with a broken heart and a big surprise.

Lisa Leann tries to take over.

Goldie's marriage turns sour.

Donna stews over a strange encounter.

Lizzie's librarian eyes are on the lookout for trouble.

Vonnie must come to terms with a secret she's kept hidden from her best friends.

But who knows what life will serve as The Potluck Club discovers that friendship is no piece of cake and a little dash of grace, like salt, goes a long way.

My Review - I got this book as a freebie on Barnes and Noble and I'm not really sure why I got it other then for the simple fact that it looks nothing like what I'd normally read. I thought to myself when I saw it - it's free, not trashy and maybe I'll like it. And like it I did. Each character in the book had something to give and although it got a little confusing with so many characters at first it was worth sticking with.

I loved how the authors told the story of Evie's life and I loved the way her love life played out. I liked the way Lisa Leann's life took a turn in the book. Goldie is an amazing woman to put up with all the stuff she put up with and I was finally happy to see her stand up for herself! I would have liked to see more with Donna and how she ended up feeling toward Evie and/or Vonnie. I liked Lizzie and felt she was definitely the educator in the group because of her love for research. And Vonnie...I knew right away what was going on there but wanted to keep reading to see how it turned out. And I loved how it turned out. There was also another character in the book who wasn't one of the main characters but she still stuck out to me and that was Jan. Jan was a mother with breast cancer and I completely connected with her as my mother has breast cancer. Overall this book was a really good book and I loved how it was Christian fiction too. Overall I gave it 4 stars and will look into other books by the authors.

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EVAMARIE said...

Thank you so much for your review! It means more to us that you can know. We enjoyed writing the entire Potluck Club and Potluck Catering Club series along with the cook book. You can find all of these at your favorite online bookstore, bookstore, and library.

Just a note, Linda's name is Linda EVANS Shepherd. She's not Linda Evans, the actress, but she's every bit as pretty. :)

Eva Marie Everson
The Potluck Club Series
The Potluck Catering Club Series