Thursday, January 14, 2010


Completely random post...Have you ever noticed that I mainly post on the weekends? That's cause I forget to check blogger through-out the week.

Does anyone else get post from random people and usually about viagra or something? Can we say REJECT, that is a prime example of why all comments have to be approved by me.

I just love DVR and watching recorded shows with my husband. That's the life. But then again I love to just spend time with him! We watch House (which was really funny this week), American Idol (the auditions are funny), Biggest Loser (to help encourage us) and many more.

My birthday is coming up and I feel like I'm getting old! Especially when children come into the daycare that I work at that I had 4 years ago and they are in 3rd grade.

So to keep me to check up on blogger through-out the week I'm going to try to start doing like a Ten Facts Thursday...

1. I like chocolate.
2. I dislike liquid meds, just can't take them.
3. I'm a Christian.
4. I am turning into my mother more and more everyday, not that it's a bad thing!
5. I want to learn how to use Paint Shop Pro so I can design different things.
6. My least favorite food is probably beans. Unless they are chili beans.
7. I wished I took more pictures for memories.
8. Winter is my favorite season.
9. Summer is my least favorite season.
10. I love to read (like you didn't know that?!)

Hope you enjoyed this!


Heidegeist said...

Hello Kasi. To many thanks to for your mail. Now I have announced you verlinkt and me as Reading-pure by you. I also have immediately sometimes in your Blog reingeschaut. I like him. Lots of love from Inge

Brandie said...

I'd be lost without my DVR!!

Have a great weekend!