Friday, June 24, 2011


It's Friday...YAY!!! It has been a good week. My class was low all week at daycare. The most children I can have is 16 with another teacher, but this week the most my co-teacher and I had were 11. Today we only had 9 and it's just awesome. You never realize what a difference 2 or 3 children can make. Well, I guess if you work with children you do realize that. Not that I don't love those other 2 or 3 children because I do, but everyone needs a break, ya know? But tonight I've been cleaning some and tomorrow I plan on cleaning some more. My mother-in-law is coming to stay with us for about a week on Sunday evening. AND Tuesday we find out if our baby is a baby girl or a baby boy. I'm so excited and so ready!

Anyhow, I've found a few fun survey/meme's that I wanted to do this week so this Friday there will be a few post... :) Enjoy!!

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Mercy said...

Hoe exciting, I remember both times I found out what I was having, although deep down in my gut I knew and was right twice! I hope all goes smoothly and you are well. Congratz!