Saturday, June 18, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Have to make laundry detergent today!

Yep you read that right, I make my own laundry detergent. It's cheaper then buying detergent (unless you are one of those coupon people who know how to find the deals). But it's really cheap overall. I'll be posting pictures AND the recipe later. Now you'll have to come back! :)



Karen Greenberg said...

Yep, now I will have to come back. I'm interested in learning to make my own detergent. I've read about it a couple of times, but I'm always afraid I'm going to do something wrong and have dirty clothes. One of these days I'll take the plunge.

mom2kiddos said...

That's interesting. Sure would like to read how to make that.

Jim said...

I'm ready for doing that, Kasi! But I don't want to get arrested for having a Meth Lab. It isn't any thing like that is it?

Happy 6WS! I liked yours today. I will return for the recipe.
BTW, we have a new washing machine, our old one bit the dust. The new one needs to be "He" compatible. Can you make that?

Linda said...

Hi Kasi...thanks for the comment today. Six Word Saturday is always fun.

My daughter makes laundry detergent too! She likes the natural it is cheaper.

I am supposed to use HE (High Efficiency Detergent) in our washer. But I am not ambitious enough to make it anyway! Ha!

Love your blog! I think I might become a follower today!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Josie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I'll definitely have to stop back by to see how you do this! Great 6WS post! :-)

Susan in SC said...

Kasi - Good for you in making your detergent. I have read various recipes for this and might have to try it myself some day. Congrats on your blog button! Great 6WS!

Mercy said...

I have a how to step by step to making laundry soap on my blog. Its super easy and cost effective! Great 6WS, have a great weekend!

Nikke said...

About how much did the ingredients cost and how many batches can you make with it?
Also, how well does it mix in the water?
I've tried powder detergent before and I always send to get a film of some sort left on the clothes.
I'm tempted to try making some because I'm tired of spending $22 on detergent every few weeks!

Gowthami Nandigala said...

Huh...very productive 6 words!

Interesting..Thought I should try it out :)

keep writing!

Call Me Cate said...

Yours is the second blog in the last week that's made their own detergent and posted about it. I've never done it but maybe I should give it a try!

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Rachel said...

I'm so lazy sometimes. I bet once I get back out on my own I'll be more willing to try this. Thanks for stopping by!

Stephanie M. Hasty said...

cool my aunt gave me a recipe to make detergent! i finally have the time to visit from 6WS!