Saturday, November 05, 2011

She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell

During New York City's Gilded Age...The game is played amid banquets and balls. The prize is a lifetime of wealth and privilege. The rules will test friendships and the desires of a young woman's heart. Clara Carter is the social season's brightest star...but at what cost?

My Review - Although this book ended awesome in my mind, I could predict what was coming and the way they went about "courting" was wild. I am so glad I didn't live during this time. I think going to the balls and dinners would be cool but I know it'd have to get exhausting. AND the corset. My wedding dress was a corset top and I couldn't imagine wearing something like that everyday, all day, ALL the time like Clara was expected too. And then to find out what happened to her mother. No way! I also liked Harry and Lizzie a lot. I know this book took me a while to get into cause of my attention span these days but I wasn't really sucked in until the last quarter of the book. I like for a book to suck me in from the first page. Overall, I'm giving it a 3 star for just liking it.

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