Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just a preview of more pictures to come...

This is a picture of the sound side of the island. We went to a resturant last night that was not as good as the view but this was definately an awesome view for the sunset. Or the tail end of the sunset.
That's the view of our house from the ocean side. We're staying at a house that's been in our family for years and my great uncle now is owner of it but it's so cool to say I've been coming to this house for 26 years. LOVE IT!!! Oh yes, that's my grandma close to the house and my sister Jessi in front of me with the red shirt.
The wonderful beach. It's so pretty...Everytime we come I say let's move to the beach. It's so beautiful and it amazes me everytime I see the beauty of the ocean and the sand that God created all of it. But He still took the time to create me too. Amazing!!
Us walking down the boardwalk to see the ocean for the first time. This is something that I always do when we come. I go see the ocean before unpacking the car. Like do I think it's going to disappear??? Again, it's Jessi and Grandma in front of me.
A view from when you first walk out the door of our house. That's the pier and ocean. Gosh I love this place.
Thanks for looking at these pictures...Check back for more cause I know I'll be posting more.


SoulMate said...

thats really a Wonderful Place. I plan to buy a House near the sea too, but in China.

and and all after i have Money, so all later :)

you are welcome to my Blog

keep Ur Soul

Brandie said...

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation!

S. said...

how fun! i wish i could live on a beach.