Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Hand Came Away Red by Lisa McKay & 100th Post!!!

WOW is the best word to describe this book. I actually gave it five stars and I'm very picky with what books get my five stars...It's that good. It's amazing and although the characters are fiction the fighting in Ambon is so real. Through the whole book I was just amazed at the choices this group of teens had to make. Although I wished Cori and Kyle had of ended up a couple it was okay in the end. This is one of the few books I was happy with the ending. I can't wait to see what Lisa McKay comes out with next.
I think it's so fitting that such a wonderful book review is also my 100th post on here. This is my 100th post on here and my 22nd book of the year! I'm well on my way to my goal I think. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

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