Friday, September 02, 2011

I got ??? and Death by Chocolate Cake

a bean pot...What is a bean pot you may ask?? This is my bean pot...
A bean pot is a pot that Celebrating Homes sales and they are awesome. You can cook meals, desserts, sides, anything in this one little pot. I have to give credit's to my boss, ToniAnn, because she gave me this pot and if I hadn't of gone to a Thirty-One party that her oldest daughter held I would have never learned about the bean pot. It was actually her other daughter who made this wonderful, delicious cheese dip in her bean pot that caught my attention. (I'll be making that dip later). But it was so tasty and I asked her about it. So since Friday night (the Thirty-One Party) I've been obsessed with getting myself a bean pot. I've been looking up recipes for it and everything. Anyhow, I told my boss that I really wanted one of these pots and I'd been looking Ebay at them. And she bought me hers! I'm so grateful! I told her I was coming home tonight and making something...And make something I did, I made Death by Chocolate Cake (yep you can make a cake in this pot!)

So here's the recipe and then pictures...

Death by Chocolate Cake
  • 1 Chocolate Cake Mix with Pudding (I used Devil's Food)
  • Eggs, oil, water as required by mix
  • 1 container of chocolate icing (I used milk chocolate)
Stir cake mix, eggs, oil and water in bean pot with a spoon until well blended. Scrape the sides of the pot and even the batter. Place heaping spoonfuls of icing on top of batter, using all of the icin. Cover with lid and cook in microwave for 8 minutes.

It's so easy. I can't wait to make more stuff in this wonderful little pot. The cake was so tasty and only took about 15 minutes total to make. Yes this will be a recipe to keep! Now for the pictures....

(Above) My cake mix and icing in the bean pot.
(Below) The bean pot in the microwave (did I mention it was only in the microwave for 8 minutes?!)

(Above and Below) The finished product. The cake was cooked perfectly and so tasty. It was super rich and sweet but I like that kind of stuff! I love, love chocolate molten cakes and this was kind of like a take on that.
So there's my bean pot and my chocolate cake in it! :) I can't wait to try more recipes in this pot, and there are a ton of recipes. If you are looking to get you a bean pot they are Celebrating Homes. They come in different colors and I think some are round instead of oval.

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