Saturday, September 24, 2011

Six Word Saturday & Sunday Stealings

Been slacking in the blogging department...

I've been so uninspired, tired and just haven't wrote in a while...I feel bad not writing but life gets busy sometimes...Hopefully I'll feel inspired soon! :)


A. Age: 28

B. Bed size:

C. Chore that you hate:
Cleaning the bathroom - GAG

D. Dogs:
Don't have one but someday Jamie and I hope to get a kitten and an English Bulldog puppy so they can grow up together!

E. Essential start to your day:
Right now it's feeling Maddie kick! I'll wake up a few minutes early just to lay and feel her kick for a bit.

F. Favorite color:
Blue or purple

G. Gold or Silver:

H. Height:

I. Instruments you play:
I played the flute in middle and high school.

J. Job title:
Daycare teacher, wife, daughter, sister, Child of God

K. Kids:
Madelyn Rae is due November 28th.

L. Live:
North Carolina

M. Mother's name:
Momma, duh! haha...The name other people call her is Debbie.

N. Nicknames:
Kasi Lou or Sweetheart

O. Overnight hospital stays:
Most recently I stayed with my dad when my mom was in the hospital in December 2010. I don't know that I've ever stayed in the hospital overnight for myself.

P. Pet peeve:
Stupid people, people who let their children run wild and don't correct them, music playing when you open a page (especially blogs) - it just takes the page longer to load.

Q. Quote from a movie:
She went to 402 Maple Street to see the Walnut Family - All Dogs Go To Heaven

R. Right or left handed:

S. Siblings:
I have two sisters who are twins, Jessi & Jamie

T. Time you wake up:
Today it was 8:45am, to early for a Saturday.

U. Underwear:
What about them? I wear them! Do you?

V. Vegetable you hate:
Asparagus and peas come to mind...

W. What makes you run late:
Myself! haha

X. X-Rays you've had:
HUM...I've had a few of my ribs I know but other then that I'm not sure...

Y. Yummy food that you make:
Apple Pie, Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, Egg Noodle Lasagna

Z. Zoo animal:


Jim said...

What can we say about this, Kasi? It is truthful?
Most all of are slacking some, and some a lot. I've only been doing the meme's since my knee surgery. I try to visit my friends that still blog.
Happy 6WS!

Bev Hankins said...

Visiting you back (thanks for checking out my Six Words). I've been slacking on my other blog...I have my reading blog and a quotes blog. Haven't been able to keep the quotes up like I wanted to.

That corgi :) said...

I always think blogging should come last after God (if one has a relationship with him), spouse (if one is married), children (if one has children), work, extended family, etc but a lot of times we tend to make blogging a high priority. Blog when and if you can, when and if you feel like it, I always say blogs are always here whenever we take breaks from them, so just enjoy what else is going on, even if it is getting rest!

I enjoyed reading your A-Z meme, fun to learn more about you. I'm with you about cleaning the bathroom, and it never stays clean either!

have a good weekend!


Fi said...

Slacking is allowed and being tired is expected when you're expecting.

Make the most of doing what you can, while you can even if that means doing nothing :-)

earlybird said...

I have phases when I feel less like being a conscientious blogger than others! It seems to me many people feel this. I don't think it matters.

28th November? Good date! Means she'll be a Sagittarius! Best sign in the Zodiac! :)

earlybird said...

Sometimes I'm less conscientious at blogging than others because 'real life' takes over - or I just don't feel like it. I think lots of people feel the same. I don't think it matters.

28th November, huh! That means she'll be a Sagittarian. Best sign in the Zodic! :)

Jodi said...

I agree... the bathroom is the worst chore!

BrSpiritus said...

Yes! Apple Pie, I have to make an Apple Pie soon so I can put it up on my blog.

The Vintage Recipe Blog

Anonymous said...

Interesting facts about you :)

You get a pass on the blogging in your condition. You should be lying down, feet up, reading or watching tv and drinking tea.

Karen S. said...

I know, I missed seeing your comments!Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

I've been slacking too - just too much other stuff going on!

How are you doing?

My essential part of the day is coffee break!