Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Question Friday

Trying something new this Friday! :) Enjoy....

1. Do you and your spouse go to bed at the same time? Nope...I grew up thinking that we had to go to bed at the same time because my parents always went to bed together (actually my dad would seriously take a nap on the couch and then when mom was ready to go to bed she'd wake him up and they'd go to bed). And when Jamie and I first got married we tired going to bed. But because he works till 10 or 11 and he likes to unwind I usually go to bed about 30 minutes to an hour after he gets home. Then he'll come to bed 3 or 4 hours later. If we go to bed together I won't sleep.

2. A question for the ladies...What kind of facial hair do you like on your man? Not much at all.

3. What's the worst vacation you've ever taken? HUM...Camping, I've done it one time and can honestly say I don't care to do it again.

4. What's the first-ever blog you followed? Seriously I'm supposed to remember that??? I can only guess and I'm going to guess A Year Of Slow Cooking

5. Do you enjoy amusement parks? I do. Carowinds is about an hour away from us and although I haven't been in probably 5 years I do enjoy amusement parks.


emenchho said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree...camping is the worst. Although, I just spent the weekend at a campgrounds for a friend's wedding and we stayed in the cabins. It really wasn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

I grew up camping and loved it, but I think we'll wait a few years to recreate the memories with our kids. :)

Jenn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following along! :) I will definitely return the favor.

And I hate camping too...unless it's in a nice self contained with a bathroom and shower. Then I can deal. Tent camping is the pits!