Friday, May 13, 2011

The Painted Room by Tina Mikals

If 15-year-old May Taylor isn't careful she's going to turn into her mother: a woman with an icicle tongue, migraines and a fondness for gin and tonic. Francis Carlisle is a bumbling Victorian painter trapped for over a century in his own work. Together with May’s best friend, Sheila, they travel in a transcendent world through the paintings on the walls of an art dealer's living room.

My Review - Although this book was a really good book I thought it was a bit to long. I loved some parts where May and Shelia were going through and then some I didn't. Like the pirates, I really could have cared less to go through that whole chapter or two. I loved the ending and that there could be a second book coming out. Hopefully that book won't be so long though.

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