Saturday, August 06, 2011

30 Days About Me: Day 1 - Favorite Song

30 Days About Me

30 Days About Me - Day 1: Favorite Song

This is a hard one for me because I like music so much! So I'm just going to share some songs by posting videos of them. Not to many...Like 3 or 4 probably...Enjoy and if you only want to watch one of these the most important one with the most important message in it is the last one...JJ Heller singing What Love Really Means.

Superchic(K) singing Crawl (Carry Me Through)
Ingrid Michaelson singing The Way I Am

Lisa Loeb singing Stay (I miss you)
JJ Heller singing What Love Really Means

What's your favorite song???


Anonymous said...

Stay is one of my all time favorites!! Love love love that song!

Karen S. said...

The last the middle song...actually they all were keepers! But the clown's red nose is awesome!

Lisa said...

Hey!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! I love love JJ Heller!! But my all time favorite is ... here's the link. It get's really good towards the end!