Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 12: Something You Are Very Particular About

30 Days About Me

30 Days About Me Day 12: Something You Are Very Particular About

Hello beautiful (and handsome) bloggers participating in the “30 Days About Me” series. Today we are learning your little secrets this should be fun. Today’s topic is “something you are particular about”.

So I do have some OCD tendencies...Most of them are at work but a few of them are at home. I used to be much worse then I am now I think. But here's my list (one of my OCD tendencies, I like list)...And I'm actually going to make two of work things and one for home...

At work: (I'm thinking some of my co-workers are going to read this and notice how OCD I am...they will probably have more to add to my small list!) :)
  • When working on the files they have to be all in the same order, which I go by a check list.
  • When serving the children meals, and I usually do the plating of the food because I enjoy it, all the plates have to look the same.
  • I use to be in the one year old room and the diapers had to be all a certain way and I'd come in every morning to make them that way.
  • The letters that go onto the boards to make bulletin boards have to be a certain way, otherwise they just don't look right.
  • The calendars that I make for the rooms have to be a certain way too...
At home:
  • The way clothes are washed, dryed and folded. All the shirts in the closet that Jamie and I share have to be turned a certain way. If Jamie hangs them up, I will change them.
  • The way the dishwasher is loaded...haha...I'm not really OCD on this but if I do it, it'll be done a certain way. If Jamie does it I leave it.
  • Reading...I like to read the authors first book before I read any of their other books. So I have a list (imagine?!) and I'll go down the list and read the books in order majority of the time. (This has lessened due to me having a Nook and reading free books)
  • I also have a list of TBR (to be read) books. If I find books I'll add them to it. And I have an author's list too.
  • The way I pay bills is rather particular....I write them down, plus put them in the ledger, plus I have list in an excel file on how much we owe to a certain bill, how much we paid, and how much extra we paid.
Okay I'm stopping my list there although there are more things I'm sure!

So, are you very particular about something? Please do share.....


Anonymous said...

I think you probably read some of mine in my article.

But also:

I like all bottles to be facing the right way. So you can read the labels properly.
Fortunately we have carousel cupboards now, because with normal cupboards I needed to stack all the same tins together ie kidney beans on kidney beans and baked beans on baked beans, butter beans on butter beans and all facing the right way. And it went for everything. Soup. EVERYTHING.

I write obsessively. Play games obsessively. Read obsessively. Talk obsessively. Cook obsessively.

I do not clean obsessively. Thank God. I have four kids - I would go mad ;-).

Self Sagacity said...

I like the OCD people if they can find ways to laugh and joke too. Is that possible?