Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Vacation Tales...

Let me start off by saying that my husband and I went on vacation and it was AWESOME! We had so much fun. We started off by flying to New York City on Saturday, July 23 and we stayed there Saturday and Sunday night. On Monday we got onto a Carnival Cruise Ship, the Carnival Glory to be exact, and we set sail. We were at sea on Tuesday, Wednesday we were in Saint John, New Brunswick, Thursday we were in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Friday we were at sea again. Saturday we arrived back in New York City and from there we flew home. If you've never cruised before then you must take one. This was our first and we will definitely be taking another one. When you get on a cruise ship you give a person your luggage down at the port and they are "supposed" to get your luggage to the ship crew and in turn the ship crew delivers it to your room. We set sail at 5pm and you are supposed to give it till 7:30pm for your luggage to arrive. Jamie and I went to the room around 6 and my luggage was there. BUT it was just my bag. Jamie says I bet they lost my luggage. I said lets give them some time. So at 7:30 when the luggage still wasn't there I started to worry as well. Jamie said again, I bet they lost my luggage. WELL, they didn't loose it...They just put it on the wrong ship! When we first arrived at the port the Carnival Miracle (which was going to Hawaii we think) and the Carnival Glory (our ship) were side by side. Jamie's luggage, along with some others on our ship, went on the Miracle and some of the Miracle's luggage was put on ours! Can you say not to happy? And you would think that that would have ruined our whole cruise but it really didn't. I'd packed all our luggage and had thought to pack at least 2 or 3 change of clothes for each of us on our carry on. Thank goodness I did cause those were the clothes that Jamie wore all week. Carnival was awesome though, they gave us a very generous credit, free laundry service, free t-shirts and Jamie had free tux rental. I'm pretty sure if Jamie had of went down there and asked for another ship to cruise on they would have done what they could - haha. They were so very nice about it all. The tux rental that Jamie recieved didn't work out. He had no under shirts so you could see straight through the shirt. The sleeves on the jacket were more like 3/4 sleeves and the shirt itself was way to big (so big that the bow tie wouldn't stay on). Since we couldn't go to the dining room because he had no elegant wear they shut down part of the Lido Deck (the deck with buffets pretty much non-stop) and we had an elegant dinner wearing casual clothing. It was so nice and it felt like we were being treated like royalty. So even though our vacation started out rocky (including it being 102 in New York City!) it was an amazing time. I do believe that next time my parents will be going with us, and of course Maddie! :) Now the part ya'll have been waiting

(Top) Jamie and I before going on vacation. This was actually taken at our house before anything crazy and wild happened.
(Bottom) Our cruise ship, the Carnival Glory. It was a very nice ship. If you are looking at the big windows in the picture we stayed on the deck right under them. It was so nice to be able to walk outside whenever.

(Top) I absolutely loved the towel animals. I named them each night. This one is named Trunks because he's an elephant. They were so cute!
(Bottom) This was before Jamie decided that the elegant wear just wasn't working. We'd gotten all ready and everything and he walked down to guest service and held up his sleeves and said I can't go to dinner like this. He said she looks beautiful and I look like I just picked up the last tux ya'll had. So they gave us the elegant private dinner wearing casual clothing. :)

(Top) Us at our "Elegant" dinner. I think that was one of the best meals I ate on the ship. I say that BUT we didn't really eat anything that wasn't good. The salad was especially good and the chocolate melting cake. YUM! Can I go back?
(Bottom) This is a Christmas ornament that we picked up in Halifax for $3.00. The lady wrote Maddie 2011 on it since it'll be for her and it'll also be her first Christmas...So exciting!

(Top) Another towel animal...This one is named Ears. He's a bunny! :) We also had a dog named Paws, a monkey named Monks and a seal named Sealy. I loved coming back and wondering what it'd be.
(Bottom) Our last night on the cruise before going to dinner. Food, like I've said before, was always good. And the staff on the cruise ship were always very polite and like they were really there for you. All of them from the servers in the dinning room to the steward who took care of our room.

So, wanna go on a cruise now? And where ya going?

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Holli said...

I'm so happy you two enjoyed yourselves! I've been on two cruises and I've loved each one of them :) Great fun!