Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

Don't get me started on the Bruiser. He was voted "Most Likely to Get the Death Penalty" by the entire school. He's the kid no one knows, no one talks to, and everyone hears disturbing rumors about. So why is my sister, BrontË, dating him? One of these days she's going to take in the wrong stray dog, and it's not going to end well.

My brother has no right to talk about Brewster that way—no right to threaten him. There's a reason why Brewster can't have friends—why he can't care about too many people. Because when he cares about you, things start to happen. Impossible things that can't be explained. I know, because they're happening to me.

My Review - This book was pretty good...I wished it had ended differently but that's a common wish of mine on many different books. I loved the story between all the characters. And I loved Brewster! Bronte kind of got on my nerves some with the way she was but that didn't make me like the story any less.

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