Sunday, August 21, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 16: Let's Talk Crazy

30 Days About Me

30 Days About Me Day 16: Let's Talk Crazy

Today is Day 16 and it’s Crazy Talk. Today we are sharing who we do crazy stuff with and/or some of the craziest things we have done.

So this one is hard one for me. I'm not a crazy person, nor am I spontaneous in the least...LIKE NOT A BONE IN MY BODY! I'm a planner and I like to know when, where and how things are going to happen. Make sense?

But I'd have to say one of the craziest things that's ever happened to me is my best friend, Erica. Here's our story...

I met Erica one day playing dominoes back in 2001 or 2002. Anyhow, we just started talking and then we just never stopped. She lives in OK and I live in NC. We've been friends every since then. I wasn't even dating Jamie, whom I'm now married too, when we first met. But I remember when her daughter, Emma, was born. Her husband called me while I was on vacation seeing my now mother-in-law. AND what this has to do with today's Let's Talk Crazy is that Erica was in my wedding in 2007. The first time I ever actually met Erica in person was in 2007 the week of my wedding. She was my Matron of Honor.

So there...that's my crazy story...not to crazy but like I said, I'm not the crazy type...

If there's anyone else I do crazy with it's my husband, Jamie :) He's more spontaneous then I'll ever be which is one of the reasons I love him!

So what's your crazy story?

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Erica said...

Awww I love you!