Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Gift of Grace by Amy Clipston

When Rebecca Kauffman's older sister, who left the Amish community when she was a teenager, dies in an automobile accident, Rebecca is left custody of her two modern non-Amish teenage nieces, Jessica and Lindsay. Will she be able to reconcile the two worlds in her home-or will the clash of cultures tear her world, including her marriage, apart?

My Review - I use to love to read Amish books and for some reason I haven't read any in a really long time. But I'm glad that I decided to read this book. I'd bought this book back in December right after getting my Nook aka Herbie, and I'd put off reading it because it's apart of the series. When I was looking for a book I just said to myself I'm not putting it off any longer, I'm going to read it and if I like it I'll either buy the second one or I'll see if the library has it. Well, I loved it! I'm stingy with my four and five stars but this was definitely a four star. I loved Rebecca and Lindsey. Jessica on the other hand got on my nerves. And I couldn't imagine Jamie and I arguing the way the Amish do in this story. Before I even finished this book I had the second and third book on hold at my library (because they are $10 on Herbie) and I'm sure when the fourth one comes out I'll be reading it too. SO GOOD!

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