Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 Days About Me: Day 6 - Most Treasured Item

30 Days About Me

30 Days About Me - Day 6: Most Treasured Item

So today is about my Most Treasured Item...I don't know if this means people and relationships or actual material items. So I'm just going to list what I care about the most.
  • God - my relationship with Him is by far the most treasured in my life. Even though I'm completely human and push Him away, He always loves me still.
  • My husband and daughter - they mean more than anything else in the world, second after God
  • My parents and sisters - I completely understand (and Maddie isn't even born yet) what my mom always mean when she said she loved me more then I'd ever know. Her and my dad love me more then any one person should love someone. And my sisters are my sisters for a reason, although we may not always be on speaking terms I still love both of them and am glad they are my sisters.
Now on to the material items....
  • My Bible - when I graduated college in 2010 my church gave me a Bible and I love it. Oh sure, I've had other Bibles, I mean I still have other Bibles but I just love this one so much...It's The Woman's Study Bible (Second Edition), New King James Version. Check it out!
  • My engagement ring and wedding band - See it includes my husband and it's pretty wonderful!
  • My Nook aka Herbie
There...3 items in each list...
So what is your most treasured item??


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Erica said...

You include Herbie, but not your best friend! Humrph! Haha