Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another favorite song....

So a few days ago on my 30 days of me post I posted a blog about my favorite songs. I have constantly been thinking about this song every since I posted that post. So I felt like I should post another favorite song.

Did you watch it? If you have a little girl, let her watch it as well. I told my husband long before I became pregnant that if we did have a little girl that I was going to play this for her. I wish this song had of been around when I was a teenager looking through all of those magazines where they "fix" girls to look good. But even now at 28, I'm glad I have this song to remind me that God created me just like I am. Not so I could look, act and try to be someone else.

I'm me and there could never be a more beautiful me!

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I Am Not Superwoman said...

Love this song. Very beautiful!