Friday, August 19, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 14: Somewhere You'd Love To Travel

30 Days About Me

Today on 30 Days About Me it's Day 14 and it's Somewhere that I'd love to travel...

I'm not much of a traveler (you can ask my husband, it still shocks him) but I have always wanted to go to Alaska. I'd love to go on an Alaskan cruise one day. No reason why other then it's beautiful and cold. I love cold weather and if I could be between summer or winter, it'd always be winter. But other then those two reasons, I just think it'd be cool to go to Alaska!

There are a few other places that I'd like to go but this is probably at the top of my list. My husband on the other hand has a much BIGGER list. He wants to go to Spain, Italy, and many other places. He wants to go and try to all the food in different places. Which works for me so I'll be going with him! :) But maybe one day we'll get to go to Alaska!

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Nikke said...

You totally have to visit Alaska some time in your life!
I came up to visit 8 years ago and haven't left! I love Alaska!