Saturday, August 27, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 22: Favorite Websites

30 Days About Me

Day 22: Favorite Websites

Today in 30 Days About Me it's all about my favorite websites...SO here they are! :)
  • Goodreads - a website that keeps track of the books you read all for awesome! You can also meet really cool people here that like to read as much or as little as you do!
  • All Recipes - a place to go to find any type of recipe you want...
  • Facebook - of course! :)
  • Swag Bucks - a pretty cool site I just started going to...check it out, join, if they ask for a referral name it's KasiLou
  • Barnes & Noble  - I have a nook aka Herbie and of course I get my books here!
  • The Cheap - tells you about cheap nook books...a very good blog!
  • Ebates - if you buy a lot of stuff online here's the place to go get money back when you go to their website before you buy items...a for real place because I've received checks from buying nook books for Herbie!
So there's my website...not to many but enough for me to sit at the computer for hours at a time...

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